Limited iPhone case - Tiger Edition

The design team at Golden Concept creates exclusive and ultra-high-quality cases for Apple products, has announced the release of a limited-edition iPhone 14 case, celebrating the launch of the new iPhone this week.

The info you need about the Tiger edition case: 

  • The case is for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max only.
  • Limited to just 99 pieces. A unique number will be engraved on each case.
  • Features a hand-carved tiger’s face on the reverse, crafted from Thin-PLY carbon composite, a material 200 times stronger than steel, exceptionally light, and far more durable than traditional carbon fibre due to the structure’s remarkable surface-volume ratio.
  • Metal parts are carved from a single block of titanium.

Why the Tiger?

Puia Shamsossadati (CEO), comments: “Tigers are an animal of great significance in many world cultures: in Chinese mythology, they are often portrayed as guardian spirits, and still today are symbols of strength and courage as well as good fortune; in India, tigers are revered for their grace, beauty, and power, and the creature has sacred aspects within Hinduism and Buddhism; and the Siberian tigers that once roamed from Russia to Korea have been considered protectors, friends, and even deities by the people who encountered them. We wanted to pay tribute to this incredible animal, and we feel that the virtues it stands for will resonate with many of our customers, who themselves are from many different places and cultures.”

Pre-order your case on the 7:th of September - HERE